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2022 - 27th ATSR Congress
September 20, 21 and 22, 2022
Annecy le Vieux

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After theMarcoule workshops in 2018and those ofCadarache (ITER) in 2021, we wanted to organize this congress near CERN in Annecy-le-vieux.


Thanks to a dynamic and close-knit organization team, the support of CERN and ARRAD, the presence of many exhibitors who once again gave us  confidence and finally thanks to the presence   many delegates from various backgrounds, this event was a resounding success.


Next meeting in September/October 2024

in the south of France for a new demonstration.  

A look back at the 2022 Annecy Congress

The acts of the congress

Interview with the organizing team of the Annecy Congress conducted by CERN


the book of abstracts

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Reminder on the program of these days

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The photos of Congress

The actss of the conferences of Tuesday, September 20, 2022

SESSION 1: Radiation protection integrated into the construction of high-energy reactors and accelerators.

S1-1 – Thomas JAUBERT-EDF- The major radiation protection options in the design of new EDF reactor models: Case of EPR2 and NUWARD.   

S1-2 – Lucie ELIE- CERN- Study of radiation protection for the installation of the Large High Luminosity Hadron Collider.  

SESSION 2: Radiological Emergency situations.

S2-1 – Javier CUADRADO-CERN- Development of an intervention plan for the fight against the fire of the production laboratory of medical radioisotopes CERN-Medicis.   

SESSION 3: Environmental monitoring

S3-1 – Nourredine BOUMHRES-CERN- CERN Environmental Monitoring System.   

S3-2 – Noé BARTHELEMY- CEA Marcoule- Management of a piezometric park on a nuclear site: Case of Marcoule.   

S3-3 – Valentin BLAIS- NATIONAL NAVY- Development of a next-generation atmospheric tritium monitor.   

S3-4 – Hamza BOUKABACHE-CERN- CROME system: The new ionizing radiation monitoring system for radiation protection and the environment at CERN.   

SESSION 4: The regulatory context

S4-1 – Miroslav VOYTCHEV-IRSN- Current state of standardization of instrumentation for radiation protection in international and national bodies.   

S4-2 – Christophe GUY and Fabrice PETITOT- CEA Cadarache/CEA Marcoule- Organization of radiation protection in a competence center: Application to the CEA centers of Marcoule and Cadarache.   

S4-3 – Clémence BAUDIN-IRSN- Radiation protection of healthcare professionals in France: exposure, knowledge and habits – EXPERTS study.

The proceedings of the conferences of Wednesday, September 21, 2022

SESSION 5: Monitoring worksites and dismantling operations.

S5-1 – Renaud MOURET-CERN- Autopsy and pre-conditioning of an LHC beam absorber.   

S5-2 – Florian VERON-ONET- RP monitoring and DEM site dosimetry.  

S5-3 – Benoît FERRE-CEA Marcoule- DEM site for dissolvers A and B of MAR200.

SESSION 6: Monitoring worksites and dismantling operations.

S6-1 – Sylvain PELLOUX- BKW Energie AG- Process of characterization and measurement of materials for disposal for radioactive decay within the framework of dismantling of the Mühleberg power plant.   

S6-2 – Jean Bernard CURABET- CEA Marcoule- Strategy for modernizing the health chain of facilities within the UP1, AVM, IECD perimeter.   

SESSION 7: Management of waste and recoverable materials.

S7-1 – Mohammad RABABAH-CERN- Radionuclide inventory of burnable radioactive waste contaminated with artificial alpha-emitters.

S7-2 – Olivier DAVID-CEA Cadarache- Presentation of the CHICADE installation.

S7-3 – Alain VIVIER-DOSIMEX SAS- Feedback, 30 years later, on the spent fuel storage pool.

S7-4 – Marthe PALACIOS- OFSP- The Radium Action Plan in Switzerland.

SESSION 8: Method and nuclear measurements.

S8-1 – Mohammad RABABAH-CERN- Radiological characterization of high-energy proton targets from the CERN-ISOLDE facility.

S8-2 – Laurent GALLEGO and Hector GOMEZ- CEA Marcoule/CEA Saclay- Monitoring and control of G2/G3 reactors by muography with Micromegas detectors.

S8-3 – Kimberly COLAS-CEA Saclay- Measurements of samples from the dismantling of G1 by digital autoradiography (MAUD).

Video (Kimberly COLAS-CEA Saclay): MAUD.



P01-BELTRITTI Frédéric-CEA Cad-Geo-localized radiological measurement

P02-BZYL Harold-iRSD & CNRS-Design of an accelerator PSS personnel safety system-Use of a safety automation system

P03-DUBUGET Vincent-APVL-Extremity and lens dosimetry

P04-FERRERI Giovanni-OFSP-Monitoring of radioactivity in the environment in Switzerland

P05- GIGLEUX Thomas-CERAP- Radiation protection training with Virtual Reality

P06-CROSLAND Elise-Scenarios for the use of radiological characterization drones in radiological emergencies

P07- GUEDO Nicolas- CEA Cadarache-Radioprotection on experimental loop with injection of short-lived radiotracer

P08- LEONG Lou Sai- Mirion Technologies- New RDS-32WR-iTxTM survey meter for remote supervision.

P09- PETITOT Fabrice- CEA Marcoule- Relevant parameters influencing labile contamination and the elimination factor.

P10-PORRET Alexandre-CERN-Industrial radiography at CERN

P11- EL-DRISSI Safouane- CERN- Radiation protection for industrial radiography activities at CERN.

P12-ROVIDA Camille-CEA Cad-Procedure for regulatory checks of radiation protection devices following new regulations

P13-SAUNIER Joel-CEA Cad-Characterization of ventilation parameters associated with radiation protection by Helium-POSTER 1 tracing

P14-SAUNIER Joel-CEA Cad-Characterization of ventilation parameters associated with radiation protection by Helium-POSTER 2 tracing

P15-SAUNIER Joel-CEA Cad-Characterization of ventilation parameters associated with radiation protection by Helium-POSTER 3 tracing

P16- SENE Jean-Michel- Bertin Technologies- Innovation for contamination control and improved worker protection

P17- GALLEGO Laurent- CEA Marcoule- Muon tomography.


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